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Dear Friends and Shiatsu Clients,

I want to let you know that I have been back for almost a year now in NYC and that I got married to Egon Zippel during Covid-19 in Austria in 2020.

We also had an exhibition titled: "Gold & Grime" that ended on March 10; some of you came to the closing and entered their email address into our gallery book, so this is my follow-up mail. Thank you for coming and having a wonderful time together!

Due to the current political situation, the war in Ukraine, and the ongoing Covid-19 health issues, among other life-straining circumstances, I'd like to remind people that a good and successful health method to become grounded and anxiety-free again is SHIATSU bodywork!

I feel genuinely much happier and overall better as the giver of shiatsu. That is why I like to give as many sessions as possible. Therefore I am running a special offer from March 15 until April 15.

Please take advantage of this offer at the reduced rate of $85 (a 30% reduction from my regular fee of $120)

So you can feel relaxed again and cope with life's many challenges, and the best is I can do too; a win-win situation.

Touch for peace; Johanna


"The greatest force in the human body is the natural
drive of the body to heal itself."

Johanna Schwarzbeck and Lotus Healing are dedicated to awakening, balancing, healing, and transforming individuals and communities. Based on the principle that our experiences become our biology, she is dedicated to helping people translate their good intention into great choices.

Every session with Johanna Schwarzbeck at Lotus Healing is designed to eliminate stress and maximize comfort in body mind and soul. She helps people discover their intrinsic balance and creativity in support of greater success, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Please contact Johanna for a free consultation or to schedule your first session. Take the next step to transform your life.

Touch for health and peace,
Johanna Schwarzbeck, LMT

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