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Body Massage for Health and Relaxation: An Introduction with Johanna Schwarzbeck
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Johanna in Time Out NY
Detox Services by Alex Schechter highlights LHC's Lymphatic drainage massage
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Top 10 Careers for 2011: #1 Massage Therapist
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Johanna in Time Out NY
Detox Services by Alex Schechter highlights LHC's Lymphatic drainage massage
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My Decision to Hire a Doula by Nicole Gray

"...From Johanna I learned that pregnancy is not a time of sickness; it is a temporary state of extraordinary creativity..."

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Farmers Market on Orchard St. in L.E.S.

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New Life Expo 2007

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I have been an appreciative recipient of shiatsu treatments by several different practitioners during the past decade or more. Recently I was given a treatment by Johanna Schwarzbeck, and it was superb. She was absolutely in tune with my spiritual and physical condition, and knew exactly where to focus her attention, with just the right amount of pressure, coaxing tight or blocked areas to release with compassionate and sensitive awareness. The sense of well-being I felt afterwards lasted for a long time, and I'm looking forward to my next treatment.

- Abbotess SHINGE ROSHI March 2015 Dai Bosatsu Zendo Mountain Monastery, www.zenstudies.org

I am a patient of Johanna Schwarzbeck my name is Jeremiah and I have a stage four liver disease with arthritis. Since I began treatment with Johanna I feel a lot better, also my liver is being healed with her help. Good bless her.

- Jeremiah Sudeai, Artist

Liebe Johanna! Thank’s a lot for the massage! So was hab ich noch nicht gehabt, Achtung: Johanna zieht einem die Ohren lang und steht auf einen drauf...Das ist sehr gut!

- Loft guest

Johanna Schwarzbeck’s shiatsu massages are out of this world and the best I have ever had. They give you a feeling of relaxation like floating on a cloud. After one of them, you can let go of the daily stresses like they never existed.

- Dr. Edward Belbruno, Mathematician and Artist

Johanna is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. It is difficult to say what I appreciate most about her sessions: her healing touch, masterful skill, intuition and individual tailoring of sessions, or her evident caring and love that she pours into each treatment. Everyone should experience the healing work of Johanna Schwarzbeck!

- Christine Waltermyer, Founder & Director, Natural Kitchen Cooking School

One night I slept on my friend's couch with my shoulders uncovered and the air conditioner on. The next morning I had a terrible pain in my right shoulder and neck. The following 2 days were horrible, I could not sleep and the pain continued during the daytime. So I called Johanna for a massage. She was so nice and offered to come by only a few hours later. I received 1.5 hours of such a great treatment – it was like heaven. I felt so relaxed and relieved, I nearly fell asleep during the massage. Johanna not only used very fine oil but also nice, soft music to create a comfortable atmosphere. Later that day I had no pain at all, and slept very well that night. Thank you, Johanna!

- Claudia Trischler, Journalist

I have been coming to Johanna's studio for more than two years. It is always a pleasure because the environment is so calm and welcoming. Johanna is an intuitive massage therapist. She always seems to know my needs even before she is told. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

- Robert Smith, Consultant

I enjoy the privilege of being one of Johanna's clients. She has one of the most amazing healing and nourishing touches I have ever felt. She has the ability to go deep into her most inner self, and transmit a profound relaxation and bliss. Receiving a massage from her seems like being part of a sacred dance, were you are both a dancer and a spectator at the same time. The feeling of wellbeing I get from her can last a few days, and if I could, I would get a massage from her every day...

- Carlos Velazquez, Therapist, The Human Potential Development, Inc.

I still remember very well the first time I came to see Johanna Schwarzbeck for a shiatsu massage: after more than one hour of being stamped upon, kneaded, twisted and bent I got up again...and felt so featherlight that I had the feeling I am not walking, but flying...and, after a few years more, she still makes me fly!

- Egon Zippel, Artist

Johanna is a massage boddhisattva who awakens sentient beings with her presence and touch.

- Larry Gagler, Gangyo