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Treatments and Services - NYC Rates

Masssage Therapy Special
  • five treatments for $520
  • treatments must be redeemed within two months of purchase
  • treatments are transferable to family or friends
An affordable way to commit to your wellbeing and to take care of your body and soul!

Credit cards also accepted on location.
Please click on a treatment or service below for more details.

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Lotus Goddess Special Massage 60 min. Session: $130
Ohashiatsu® Therapy Method 60 min. Session: $130
Swedish Massage Therapy 60 min. Session: $130
Pregnancy Massage 60 min. Session: $140
Reflexology Foot Massage 60 min. Session: $130
Reiki Energy Healing Treatment 60 min. Session: $130
Spiritual Coaching 60 min. Session: $130
Hot Stone massage 90 min. Session: $175

All of the above are available for 30 minutes, one hour, 90 minutes, or two hour sessions by request.

Doula Labor Assistant
Birth Assistance Services: $1500 per birth

Zen Meditation
Group sitting: $5 to $20
One-on-one introduction with complementary Japanese Green Tee: 75 min. Session $40
Please check out "What's New" for meditation evenings, Gassho Togetsu

Tarot Readings
All readings are free of charge and given as an adjunct to other sessions if requested.

The Art of Rituals
I am open and interested in teaching anybody how to enact a ritual. For example, a new home or housemates ritual, a family dinner ritual, a beginning or ending of a relationship ritual, or female maturation.

Creative Visualization
I use visualization as an adjunct or as a full treatment option if requested in my massage sessions. Please ask about this helpful tool for relaxation or bringing forth a desire, to enrich your next session at the Lotus Healing Center.

Craniosacral Therapy
I use the occipital cranial face release for approximately 30 minutes to listen and facilitate a change in the (cerebrospinal fluid) and helping to disseminate ordering forces throughout the body. Often a deep felt relaxation and spinal cord alignment takes place.

Detox Massage: Manual Lymphatic Drainage
I was introduced to this technique during my studies at the Swedish Institute. For clients with minor swellings around ankles, legs, or arms, I have been successfull in facilitating relaxation and better drainage.

Moxa Session: $100 per hour, or add to the Shiatsu treatment to create a comprehensive two hour session, for a discounted fee of a $ 170


Massage therapy is a wonderful tool for people with busy lives who want to reduce their stress and experience a calm relaxed state. It’s also extremely helpful for people with aches and pains and improves one's circulation. The primary goal is to help clients experience their lives in optimum physical and emotional health.

What are the benefits?
Lessens fatigue
Eases headaches and migraines
Deep relaxation and feeling more centered
Improves digestion and elimination
Enhance sleep
Better overall physical as well as emotional health

I believe healing and wellness are lifestyle choices; the sessions are designed for those who share that vision.

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